The sky and the land in your hands, it‘s now possible

Are you willing to control down to the last detail of your flight operations? Would you like to have on-line information about each flight, each route and each movement for taking more efficient decisions and improving your company’s safety?

Vicenzo will change day-to-day operations forever. It was about time to have an aviation tracking system that featured real-time aircraft monitoring and advanced statistics of everything that is happening in the sky and land.

Register, control, supervise and contrast Vicenzo’s data with your goals to become more competitive. Get instant notifications of each on-board event. Take control of your aviation operations and check their evolution by later consulting statistics, logs and reports of intelligently-generated results.

Because in this sector, information means efficiency and safety. And with Vicenzo, they are just one click away.

Icono no instalación

No installation or download

Icono monitorización

Aircraft tracking

Icono intuitivo

Agile and user-friendly browsing

Icono estadísticas

Advanced statistics and results

Icono notificaciones

Real-time notifications

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Integration with your current tools

Intelligent statistics and reports of all your flights

Our goal is to improve your competitiveness. Therefore, we have created a system that automatically generates statistics and reports with the results of each flight. Comparing operations and measuring their performance has never been as easy as it is now thanks to Vicenzo.

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On November 15th to 17th, 2019, Sun Aerospace presented Vicenzo, its latest product, at the Airexpo Shanghái. This event was held at NECC Shanghái, in an international environment where more...
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On May 14th and 15th, 2019, Sun Aerospace presented Vicenzo, its latest product, at the Aviation Festival Americas. This event was held at JW Marriot Marquis Miami, in an international...