Why Vicenzo?

Never before had an aerospace software done so much for you

Vicenzo is a definite leap forward in terms of aircraft monitoring and is a revolution for aviation operations. Find out why more and more professionals bow before its benefits.

Icono monitorización

Real-time tracking and monitoring

You can keep track of every aircraft you wish, second to second, and follow their routes and movements real time.

Icono no instalación

No installation needed

To enjoy Vicenzo’s functionalities, there is no need to install any software: you only need an Internet connection.

Icono notificaciones

Event notification

If anything happens to one of your planes, Vicenzo will send you a notification. You will be the first one to know.

Icono intuitivo

Operation and flight history

Aircraft data will be stored in a log that can be accessed any time.

Icono estadísticas

Intelligent statistics and reports

The software generates advanced statistics and reports for each operation. Compare the most interesting parameters of your aircraft fleet and draw valuable conclusions at a glance.

Icono Herramientas

Integration with already existing tools

The software can be integrated to any operator’s management system/application easily. It will always adapt to your needs.